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Real Quick Announcement:

Today is the birthday of two of the greatest members of the Dexter’s Lab fandom:

Not only do they do great Fanart, but they’re the best people to discuss headcanons with, for they’re observational and analytical about the show, so you know you’re down to a serious approach.

Happy Birthday, ladies!

Guess who made a Hange Zoë blog instead of sleeping?

I’m a Princess~!

I’m a Princess~!

obscurascientia replied to your post“   ❝ So I won $20 dollars off a bet with Dexter, care for an…”
Dee Dee~ [heart eyes motherfucka]
   ❝ ….
      That makes three iced coffees. ❞


"…So that means you’re treating? Yeah, alright. Sounds like a blast."

   ❝ So what’s been of you?
      I heard from someone else that you were in a relationship.

      Who’s the fortunate one? ❞

sasstronxmical replied to your post: ❝ So I won $20 dollars off a bet with Dexter, …
Dexter: ”Cheater…”

* Wink wonk *


   ❝ So I won $20 dollars off a bet with Dexter,
      care for an iced coffee? ❞

Roleplayer Notes:

In a Super Hero/Villain AU, Dee Dee would be an anti-hero.

You know, the kind that stops a bank robbery and takes one bag of money with her.

Also, she steals stuff from your fridge, and beauty products, you might even find her watching TV in your couch. She’s sly like that.

Pfft! Is it cool if Dee Dee accidentally walks into the lab while Mandark is destroying it while laughing and she likes that and joins him because she thinks he’s just having fun and expressing himself?
OK, but where do people take the time to do icons from shows that are only available online? And then the image quality, wow!