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Roleplayer Notes:

If I were to Roleplay an Ed, Edd, and Eddy character, I would pick Ed. He’s totally random and out of context, he loves to watch TV, and he’s a great artist, not to mention that sometimes he’s pretty smart. Many seem to underestimate the guy, when he’s actually pretty rad.





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"Ah yes, that ‘Barky sensation’…."

dust-in-my-eyes replied to your post: Roleplayer Notes:
Dexter’s Debt - she makes a lot more sales than Dexter and she has a piggy bank in that one that Dex tries to break into. I think that is Season 1…

I might have to watch those seasons again. Thank you.

Roleplayer Notes:

I want to give Dee Dee some money headcanons.

She’s pretty distracted, but she can be pretty good at keeping things at the same time, and this makes me wonder about how she treats money.

There is this season 3 or 4 episode where Dexter gets $5 from his dad as lunch money, and Dee Dee outsmarts him and gets $20; well, she spends it all (including Dexter’s) on a baseball cap, and she really didn’t need it in the first place.

Then there’s the garage sale episode, where she sells her dad’s car and tries to sell Dexter’s Lab because “Everything Must Go”.

I’m trying to recall a canon season episode where she has to deal with money, but I can’t think of one.

Maybe she has piggy banks hidden everywhere in her room? But she doesn’t remember where she hides them, so she gets a new one everytime, like squirrels hiding acorns. Or maybe she accidentally spends her money on junk, like candy, and keeps the rest in a piggy bank. Maybe she saves money, but she never knows what to buy, and ends up spending it all in whatever caughts her eye.

Roleplayer Notes:

So there’s a DexLabs blog dedicated to Cartoon Network shows, and then there’s Mandarker dedicated to the villains of Cartoon Network. All that’s missing is a PowerPuffNetwork blog dedicated to the butt kicking girls of Cartoon Network.


Not that I’m thinking on opening one.

The cheetah ran up and did circles around Dee Dee. Amanda stopped and looked at her friend with a loud purr and pressed her head against the other's hand.

Dee Dee felt someone was coming her way, but surely she wasn’t expecting a cheetah.

She observed in surprise as the cheetah ran around her, and when it stopped, she waited still in hopes that the cheetah wouldn’t attack her.

Luckly, the cheetah was friendly, and was looking forward to be pet.

"Well, hello, kitty!" she pet the wild animal.