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So I’ve been keeping track of birthdays and recently got obsessed with zodiac signs and my mind elaborated this:

Jupiter, Ruling Planet of Sagittarius: Gio (Nov. 23rd)

Mars, Ruling Planet of Aries: Roberta (Mar. 30th)

Mercury, Ruling Planet of Virgo: OK, so I know 3 Virgos. I’ll give this one to Mariah (Aug. 24th)

Venus, Ruling Planet of Libra: Ealy (Sept. 19th), because you’re a Virgo-Libra cusp.

Tuxedo Mask: Let’s give this one to Nina (Aug. 24th) because I saw you reblog a picture of him once, and he’s classy, also I swear he wore a Sun pendant so have some Leo cusp.

Artemis and Luna: Shay, you’re an Aquarius (Feb. 18th); that sign is ruled by Saturn and Uranus…. but have the cats.

The Moon, Ruler of Cancer: ME HE HE!!!! (Jun. 28th)

This totally wasn’t a thing for me to be lead character, nope.


I found these again from my Twitter shenanigans with kndleader from over a year ago.

Fun Fact: Ealy’s birthday is two days before Lindsey Stirling’s.
(Ealy: Sept. 19th | Lindsey: Sept. 21st).
I am currently stranged out because I found a chillstep/glitch hop Dee!Dark themed tune…….
Real Quick Announcement:

Today is the birthday of two of the greatest members of the Dexter’s Lab fandom:

Not only do they do great Fanart, but they’re the best people to discuss headcanons with, for they’re observational and analytical about the show, so you know you’re down to a serious approach.

Happy Birthday, ladies!

Guess who made a Hange Zoë blog instead of sleeping?

I’m a Princess~!

I’m a Princess~!

obscurascientia replied to your post“   ❝ So I won $20 dollars off a bet with Dexter, care for an…”
Dee Dee~ [heart eyes motherfucka]
   ❝ ….
      That makes three iced coffees. ❞


"…So that means you’re treating? Yeah, alright. Sounds like a blast."

   ❝ So what’s been of you?
      I heard from someone else that you were in a relationship.

      Who’s the fortunate one? ❞

sasstronxmical replied to your post: ❝ So I won $20 dollars off a bet with Dexter, …
Dexter: ”Cheater…”

* Wink wonk *