What Does This Button Do?


((Welp I just got back from watching Frozen))

((…. no…… this can’t be true…… I just watched Frozen, myself!))

Roleplayer Notes:

So there’s a DexLabs blog dedicated to Cartoon Network shows, and then there’s Mandarker dedicated to the villains of Cartoon Network. All that’s missing is a PowerPuffNetwork blog dedicated to the butt kicking girls of Cartoon Network.


Not that I’m thinking on opening one.

Roleplayer Notes:

I have a PowerPoint presentation I have to finish. I will draw the other characters for the meme possibly Monday.

Please be patient.

The cheetah ran up and did circles around Dee Dee. Amanda stopped and looked at her friend with a loud purr and pressed her head against the other's hand.

Dee Dee felt someone was coming her way, but surely she wasn’t expecting a cheetah.

She observed in surprise as the cheetah ran around her, and when it stopped, she waited still in hopes that the cheetah wouldn’t attack her.

Luckly, the cheetah was friendly, and was looking forward to be pet.

"Well, hello, kitty!" she pet the wild animal.



I got so happy about making yours! You’re rad!


✎ (well then )


This will forever remind me of when I vectored this.



ask-deedee no don’t spy me and the other Ben…

*Spies from behind the bushes*


These things are scary.


The only thing that grew were his hair and his legs XD